Free & Best Android Video Editor Apps of 2018

Social media has a become an integral part of every person’s life where they share their stories and experiences in the form of huge vlogs or little videos.

Many a time while taking a video due to either our fault or someone else’s there occur certain mistakes that ultimately undermines a perfect shot, and at certain times we manage to get an excellent video but can’t edit them as our laptops are not near us.  There are several applications on the phone that one can use to edit videos, but not all have features that most of us desire. Either the features are missing or have to be paid for. Thus here we put together the best free video editing application of 2018 that’ll save you some time and bring out the creative side in you,

1) InShot –

InShot is an HD video editor that is perfect for a beginner. It’s easy and simple to use. It allows a person to add various filters and also helps one to add music to their videos while editing. The soundtracks available on this app are limited. It has all the basic editing options such as adding text, controlling the video speed and adding a background to the videos. This application gives a user the freedom to unedited a video clip which was previously edited from the same phone using the same software.

2) Adobe Premiere clip –

Adobe premiere clip is the Android version of Adobe premiere pro which is a computer software. This app does not have all the editing features but can do most of the basic editing such as video merging and editing and adding audio files. The one useful feature about this application is that it has an automatic video creation option that automatically edits the video and arranges them based on their sequence.

3) Videoshow –

Whether it be a professional movie or a just a vlog this video editing app has got everything one desires. A great feature about this app is that it’s a perfect software for both professionals as well as beginners. The option of exporting videos in 4k HD resolution helps to maintain high video quality even after editing without any drawback.  This app allows the user to import music from their phone and also has various soundtracks available on this app for free for its users. This application allows its users to add graphics, gifs and has multiple other options that’ll make anyone become a pro at video editing within no time. Just as the Android version, videoshow for pc also has all the same features thus making it available across various forms of devices.

4) Kine-master –

This is of the excellent video editing software for on android phone available for free. Its various editing options make it convenient to be used by a professional or even a beginner. This application has in real time video and audio recorder that makes it easy to edit video clips without the hassle of import them. The one drawback of this application is that it has a lot of advertisement within it and does not support all android phones.