Top mobile services that can be used on PC for free

Mobile services are specially designed for the mobiles but there are some mobile services that do not look cool enough while you use them on your mobile and you want to use them on your PC so you can get a better view of that service. Most of the times, you’re supposed to pay a fixed price for using a mobile service on your PC but there are some services that do not charge you any money for using their service on the PC as they understand that why is it important for you to use their service on the PC.

There may be many reasons behind using a mobile service on your PC. Sometimes, you are in an office where you’re not allowed to use your mobile according to the rules and regulations of that office. In this situation, you can simply use your favorite mobile services on your PC without letting anyone know about it. There are many other reasons that may lead you to use the mobile services on your PC. In this article, we’re also going to talk about the most useful mobile services that can be used on PC for free.


The bluestack is the most powerful and most demanding desktop software of the present era that allows you to use plenty of mobile services on your desktop without paying any money. You need to have a very high-speed computer for running bluestack on your PC because it requires a lot of storage and a lot of speed as well because you’re going to use plenty of apps on this platform. Now, you can simply play your favorite games, chat with your friends or do many other things on your PC without using your mobile phone.


Whatsapp is a very useful way of communication these days as you can send and receive messages, images, videos, and files etc. on this app. Most of the people don’t know but Whatsapp allows you to use their services on the PC without paying any money. You just need to connect your mobile to the PC’s software only for once and then you can send messages to your friends anytime you want. They provide you a barcode on your PC’s screen that can be scanned with your mobile’s camera. Once this process is completed, you can get in touch with your friends through your PC.


The GPS is the most useful way of finding directions. Most of the people use gps handyortung on their mobiles to find directions to different places but do you know that you can also use this service on your PC to discover different places? The beauty of this service in your PC is that it provides you the 3D view of different parts of the world. So, now you can easily explore the world while sitting in your bedroom without spending any money.